Yellowknife, Canada (62°27’21”N 114°22’31”W)

Canadian Forces Northern Area Headquarters (CFNA HQ) Yellowknife is a Canadian Forces unit located in the city of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. It is the headquarters for Joint Task Force North, part of Canada Command responsible for Canadian Forces operations and administration in Northern Canada and the Arctic.

Fast R&D and modification capabilities

At the end of year 2009 we were contacted by Mr. Neil Hutton from DEW Engineering ULC in Canada concerning a project with the Canadian Army. The project included developing both an air heater as well as a water heater for the Army.

Grizzly BEAR mobile field space heaterHaving recently delivered some 4000 Polartherm BEAR 130K heaters (in addition to some 6000 ground support heaters) to the U.S. Air Force, Polartherm naturally suggested the same product to DEW and the Canadian Army, which turned out to be unacceptable. The Canadian Army wanted a slightly different type of heater, a bit smaller both size and performance wise.

With a 40-year experience in designing and manufacturing heaters Polartherm developed in a very short time a new heater, a field space heater (FSH), that matched the needs and requirements of the Canadian Army, and also passed the demanding tests conducted by the CSA. As a result, Polartherm, together with DEW Engineering who does final assembly and final testing in Canada, have so far delivered some 2300 Field Space Heaters to the customer.

This project is in our mind an excellent reference of Polatherm’s capability and shows our commitment and flexibility to serve all our customers’ needs.


Cambridge Bay, Canada (69°07′02″N 105°03′11″W)

Operation NUNALIVUT is a sovereignty operation conducted annually since 2007 in Canada’s North, providing an opportunity for the Canadian Air Force to assert Canada’s sovereignty over its northernmost regions, to demonstrate the ability to operate in the harsh winter environment in remote areas of the High Arctic, and to enhance CAF capability to respond to any situation in Canada’s North.

This year, 2015, Commanded by the Joint Task Force (North), Operation NUNALIVUT 15 ran from 1 - 22 April and involved more than 200 personnel deploying from across Canada. All outlying locations were commanded and controlled by the Task Force NUNALIVUT headquarters element, based in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.

Grizzly BEAR FSH Cambridge Bay Canada

In Cambridge Bay there is 24 hour daylight from May through July - same as in Finland.


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