From cardboard model to production

Tommi Arpomaa, who is an expert in drying equipment, approached Polartherm with a cardboard model for the first time six years ago. The man and the idea were warmly welcomed. Products developed in co-operation contribute to healthier living. They dry out moisture-impaired areas and take care of indoor air quality.

The manufacturer and importer, Strong-Finland Oy, specializing in dust control and drying technology, has developed a partnership with Polartherm in heating and drying technology. The impact dryer, launched in 2013, is a highly sought after device for rental companies and property damage control companies. It works tirelessly in water damaged bathrooms and kitchens.

It is not indifferent whom to turn to when you want to start a product development project.

- When working with Polartherm, the customer can be assured that all quality requirements and equipment specifications required by standards are taken into account. Customizing products on the basis of customer feedback is also agile if necessary, says Strong-Finland's Arpomaa

The latest innovation is used in hospital renovation projects where a particularly high level of hygiene is an absolute requirement. This new technology that was developed for air pressure and dust control in renovation projects has also proven to be an excellent solution for indoor air quality improvement in schools and other workplaces.

- Communicating with Polartherm is straightforward and easy. The short distance lets you test your ideas and discuss them face to face.

Engineering companies have recognized the potential of the cooperation between Polartherm and Strong-Finland. There is a demand for air cleaners with air pressure control in indoor air quality and construction projects and they can also be utilized in disaster area field hospitals worldwide.

Impact dryer for damage control companies

VV-Kuivaus is a Finnish company based in Seinäjoki. They decided to order their impact dryers with their own colour and logo.
The gentlemen on the photo are Tommi Arpomaa and Timo Tammela.


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